The red wines are made at Matilda Plains winery under the consultancy of John Glaetzer from fruit grown on this estate.  The Sparkling Durif and the Semillon/Savagnin (S&S) are made by Simon Greenleaf.  The Semillon is also grown here with the Savagnin coming from friends vineyards in Langhorne Creek.

2018 S & S – SAVAGNIN & SEMILLON – 13% alcohol

A unique blend of Savagnin 75% and Semillon 25% from two small blocks and co fermented producing a lively fruit driven wine with citrus and brown lime flavours.

$17.50 per bottle/$95 per 6 pack 


2020 SEMILLON – 13% alcohol

One Single Row! 100% Semillon. Originating from Bordeaux, Semillon is renowned for it’s incredible ageing ability but you may prefer to drink our Semillon young! Drink now and you will find this wine to be lively, crisp with lemon freshness on the pallet.

$22 per bottle/$118 per 6 pack


2021 ZINFANDEL ROSE – 12% alcohol

This elegant wine is made from our Zinfandel grapes. Well balanced and crisp with strawberry overtones. Our Zinfandel Rose is the perfect guest all year round. Whether it be a summer picnic or a winter BBQ, paired with steak or seafood.

$17.50 per bottle/$95 per 6 pack


2018 TEMPRANILLO – 14% alcohol

This Spanish variety has adapted well here in Langhorne Creek. A soft easy drinking wine with delightful fragrances of cherries and chocolate. Matured in a combination of French and American Oak for 12 months.

$17.50 per bottle/$95 per 6 pack


2017 CABERNET – 14% alcohol

This single vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon is dense purple in colour with blackcurrant flavours with a hint of eucalyptus and mint. A generous full-bodied cabernet with great flavour and texture. 22 months in American Oak.

$20 per bottle/$108 per 6 pack


2019 SHIRAZ – 15% alcohol

A dark berry bouquet with vibrant purple hues. Intense plum flavour with great tannins and a lovely mouth feel. 18 months in American Oak.

$20 per bottle/$108 per 6 pack


2018 HIDDEN GEM – 15% alcohol

The name depicts this unique wine and characterizes our cellar door.  45% Cabernet, 41% Shiraz, 14% Durif.  This wine is full of berry flavours, smooth and lingering on the palate, rich and well balanced.  Matured in a combination of French and American Oak for 22 months.

$25 per bottle/$135 per 6 pack


2019 ZINFANDEL – 15.5% alcohol

Handpicked and bunch thinned. An elegant savoury wine with a spicy flavour and a soft finish that lingers on the palate.  Matured in a combination of French, American and Hungarian Oak for 24 months.

$25 per bottle/$135 per 6 pack


2018 DURIF – 15% alcohol

Dense impenetrable purple saturated with blackberry, cherry and prune fruit with a hint of chocolate. Rich and flavoursome, full bodied with fine tannins and length on the palate.

$30 per bottle/$162 per 6 pack


NV SPARKLING DURIF – 13.5% alcohol

A bottle fermented luscious sparkling red wine.  Giving you a mouthful of tiny velvety bubbles with a soft Durif finish.  You won’t be disappointed.

$38 per bottle/$200 per 6 pack

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